Treating Adults With ADHD

Adults with ADHD experience lifelong personal and professional struggles with organization, focus, and productivity. Difficulty completing daily tasks and poor ability to make decisions results in feelings of frustration, inadequacy, and disappointment. These struggles complicate your life making even the simplest of goals hard to achieve. Symptoms including inattention, inconsistency, poor time management, or forgetfulness can hurt your career goals and personal relationships.

Treating Adolescents With ADHD

Adolescents with ADHD experience inattention, daydreaming, procrastination, forgetfulness, and at times erratic mood. They can be easily misconstrued to be lazy, annoying, and observed to have poor social skills, at times aloof and withdrawn. Ability to focus, organize, prioritize, and manage time can become difficult. If left untreated persons consistently feel stress from challenges of more demanding school and social expectations.

Treating Children with ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, is a condition that makes it unusually difficult for children to concentrate, pay attention, sit still, follow directions, and control impulsive behavior. While all young children are at times distractible, restless, and oblivious to parents’ and teachers’ instructions, kids with ADHD behave this way much more often than other children of their age. Children with ADHD demonstrate the inability to settle down, focus, and follow through on tasks in age-appropriate ways makes it very hard for them to do what’s expected of them at school. It can also lead to conflict at home and difficulty getting along with peers.
Note: This Practice does not treat COMORBID CONDITIONS OF Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Mental Retardation, Schizophrenia, Eating Disorders, Alcohol, and Drugs related Disorders, Sexual Disorders, Geriatric Disorders, Dissociative Disorders, Personality Disorders nor do we perform Custody Evaluation, Court or Legal Cases and Disability Evaluations.
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